At 360 Revolution, we are a dynamic event production company situated in Bucharest. Our journey began in May 2007 as 360 Revolution Rental Events Solutions, driven by a profound passion for the intersection of business and events. Embracing a strategic approach centered on integrated solutions, we underwent a significant transformation in April 2010, emerging as a comprehensive full-service event agency.

Our versatile solutions cater to a wide spectrum of events, spanning from private affairs to public spectacles. Our commitment extends across the entire event management spectrum, commencing with the definition of objectives and target audience, resource allocation, budgeting, and culminating in seamless logistical execution.


CreativeVR is a leading emerging tech studio specializing in the creation of memorable digital experiences. As the CEO and co-founder, I have spent the past 8 years driving innovation and delivering value to our clients through the development of cutting-edge solutions.

At CreativeVR, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring creative ideas to life and deliver successful projects for a range of clients. Our team of developers and designers are experts in a variety of software, including Blender, Unity, Unreal Engine, and SparkAR, and are constantly seeking out new challenges to push the boundaries of what is possible with technology.


At CreativeChip we blend the digital innovation with custom production services to create memorable brand experiences. Our mission? To transform brands into immersive stories, bringing them to life in the real world through tangible production. Whether it's about dazzling festivals or corporate events, we’re your partners for integrated solutions, interactive installations or cutting-edge technology to amplify your brand’s presence and leave a lasting impression on your audience's minds.


We are brand experience artisans.
Godmother is committed to fostering positive brand experiences and establishing deeper connections between brands and their audiences. Our core passion revolves around creating impactful and unforgettable campaigns that inspire and empower audiences, whether through events, activations, or digital experiences.

With an extensive industry experience of over 24 years and a remarkable track record of organizing more than 1000 successful events, Godmother has become a trusted partner for brands seeking engaging campaigns and innovative events. Our team of 34 senior professionals consistently strives for excellence, placing great emphasis on flawless execution, continuous innovation, and ongoing refinement.


Creative & strategy developing agency, digital native.

L2 is a creative and strategy oriented agency, focused on digital native projects and creative development of brand manifestations, in different contexts. Amongst others we create genuine, relatable content, manage communities, curate social media presences and plan complex projects & strategies for clients.


A full-service BTL agency, taking on challenges from concept to field, with know-how with a creative twist.
We believe in solutions to brand needs, rather than specific types of projects.
We deliver experiences, rather than consumer campaigns.
We stand for fair play.
We are flexible and able to adapt to changes in real time.
15 years of steady growth, with expertise in a wide range of clients & challenges.


MyConnector is the Swiss knife of event management platforms. Flexible enough to accommodate almost any use case, and complex enough to cover all the fine details that agencies need, and clients love.

Trusted by many tier one multinational companies and event organizers, MyConnector is your one stop shop for virtual, hybrid and in-person events. Extremely rich in features and innovative in many aspects of interaction and engagement, MyConnector is set to be the platform of choice for event professionals, due to its unrivaled value for money ratio, unparallel customer support and extreme flexibility during implementation.

Our Sponsor

Romania's Government through ARICE Romanian Agency of Investments and Foreign Trade

ARICE Romanian Agency of Investments and Foreign Trade applies the strategy and the ruling programme of the small and medium-sized enterprises, the commerce, the entrepreneurship and the foreign investments in accordance with the requirements of the market economy and for the stimulation of economic operators.

The sector of small and medium-sized enterprises is a contributor of strategic importance to the economic growth and the job creation, and it should benefit from the state of a public policy regarding a keen regulation, a systematic consultation with representative organizations, an attractive fiscal system, increasing access to financing, simplification of the procedures and less paperwork.

The essential role of the Foreign Trade Department (FTD), which is part of ARICE Romanian Agency of Investments and Foreign Trade , is to support economic development by promoting exports and Romania’s harmonious integration into the international relations global system.

The Board of Instruments and Export Promotion Programmes aims to increase of the degree of internationalisation of the Romanian companies, the competitiveness of Romanian products for export, employment growth in the areas concerned, as well as the performance and productivity, the promotion of Romanian quality products and high value-added services.

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Address: 9- 11 Promoroaca Street, District 1,Bucharest, Romania, P.O.Box: 013982
Website: https://arice.gov.ro
E-mail: comunicare@arice.gov.ro