Bradamante Entertainment

Bradamante Entertainment is a Romanian production company, specialized in content development and packaging, devoted to create and produce content that not only entertain but expand our understanding and challenge us to do something meaningful. In this perspective, numerous successful TV shows and documentaries have been developed and packaged, including Apple Plus TV show “The Drops of God”, Ramesh Sharma’s documentary “Ahimsa - the power of the powerless”, the acclaimed documentary “Paolo Rossi - A Champion is a Dreamer that Never Gives Up”, the feature film “Sicilian Holiday”, produced with Oscar winning producer Adam Leipzig, and “Jokers - Art Can Save a Life”, produced with Emmy Award Winning producer Michael Cascio.

Clody Design

Clody.design is a dynamic creative agency at the forefront of visual storytelling. Specializing in a comprehensive range of design services including advertising materials, branding, logos, illustrations, animations, print, and website development, we bring visions to life with a touch of artistic finesse.

Our portfolio is a testament to our commitment to excellence. From crafting memorable brand identities to producing engaging animations, every project is a fusion of creativity and strategic thinking. We believe that design should not only captivate but also effectively communicate the essence of a brand.

Clody Studio

Clody.studio is a pillar of creativity in the visual arts landscape, offering a broad spectrum of design solutions that encompass advertising content, brand evolution, logo design, illustrations, animations, print media, web development, and more. Our essence lies in transforming ideas into reality, embellished with a distinctive artistic flair and underpinned by strategic depth.

Our portfolio stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. It showcases our prowess in creating impactful brand identities, compelling animations, and more, each project a blend of innovative creativity and thoughtful strategy. At Clody.studio, we believe design should mesmerize while precisely conveying a brand's values.


Dreptunghi was founded in 2019 by a passionate group of young Romanian creatives eager to bring freshness and innovation to the film industry. Based in a small town in Romania, the company is on a mission to break the mould and offer audiences exciting and unique cinematic experiences.

Dreptunghi stands out for its unexpected collaborations with emerging filmmakers and actors, giving them a platform to express their creativity in an authentic way. With a diverse portfolio, the company explores varied genres from drama and comedy to science fiction and documentary film.


FILMLAB was established in 2007, specializing in cinematic storytelling. Its portfolio is diverse, including award-winning documentaries and commissioned works for prominent clients like HBO Europe, IKEA, Amnesty International, BBC World Service and more. The company's dedication to excellence has garnered numerous awards and accolades, cementing its reputation in the European film industry. Its commitment to creativity and innovation continues to drive its success, making it a sought-after partner for both artistic and commercial projects.

Fulg Media Production

Fulg Media is a vibrant young Romanian film production company with a simple, but powerful mission: to create magic. We believe in the transformative power of cinema, its ability to transport us, inspire us, and make life feel just a little bit better. Through compelling storytelling across genres, we strive to craft films that resonate with audiences, leaving them uplifted and empowered long after the credits roll. We are also passionate about fostering collaboration across borders, actively seeking out talented partners to expand our creative horizons.

Pintadera Film

Pintadera Film is a company based in Bucharest designed to tackle the most stringent current talking points, such as democracy, disinformation, Liberal values, corruption or education and transpose them into feature and documentary films.

Pintadera Film was founded in 2016 by a team of filmmakers who have had participation or awards in Romanian and international film festivals: from TIFF or Next Film Festival, to Cannes or Berlinale, thus demonstrating exceptional skills in their field.

Our Sponsor

Romania's Government through ARICE Romanian Agency of Investments and Foreign Trade

ARICE Romanian Agency of Investments and Foreign Trade applies the strategy and the ruling programme of the small and medium-sized enterprises, the commerce, the entrepreneurship and the foreign investments in accordance with the requirements of the market economy and for the stimulation of economic operators.

The sector of small and medium-sized enterprises is a contributor of strategic importance to the economic growth and the job creation, and it should benefit from the state of a public policy regarding a keen regulation, a systematic consultation with representative organizations, an attractive fiscal system, increasing access to financing, simplification of the procedures and less paperwork.

The essential role of the Foreign Trade Department (FTD), which is part of ARICE Romanian Agency of Investments and Foreign Trade , is to support economic development by promoting exports and Romania’s harmonious integration into the international relations global system.

The Board of Instruments and Export Promotion Programmes aims to increase of the degree of internationalisation of the Romanian companies, the competitiveness of Romanian products for export, employment growth in the areas concerned, as well as the performance and productivity, the promotion of Romanian quality products and high value-added services.

Contact Details:
Address: 9- 11 Promoroaca Street, District 1,Bucharest, Romania, P.O.Box: 013982
Website: https://arice.gov.ro
E-mail: comunicare@arice.gov.ro